About Juandrah

Hello.  My name, Juandrah, is a concatenation to honor my three daughters.


I am an serious engineer with a very warped sense of humor

who has worked in the hospitality and educational industries for over 40 years.


I have very few close friends but I am loyal to those for a lifetime,

however, I will offer help or share with anyone if I perceive a need.

Consequently, I speak bluntly but will defend your right to do the same even if we disagree.


More often than not here is no good or bad, only “Is” because

NO ONE can control people, places, or things.

This leads me to always try and look on the lighter, brighter, more humorous side of any situation,

no matter how serious.


I do my best to live by the Dalai Lama’s quote in the movie, “Seven Years In Tibet”


“If you can solve a problem, then there is no use in worrying about it.

If you can not solve a problem, then worrying will do no good.”


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